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Keratosis Pilaris
That is what you call the bed sheets on my upper arms and legs. Some people say that it's not a big deal to other people, even though it is. It sucks how I'm not allowed to swear, 'cause if I am, TWoM is destroyed with swear words already.
      I keep searching how to cure my skin, and it costs money. And I can't be stuffed. My life's too boring because of my Keratosis-Pilaris-infected-stupid-skin. Uh, is it really infected by KP? Probably. Don't really care. Because it makes my life more stupid and more boring and more embarrassing that you might as well decide to commit suicide to end everything that causes you so much pain.
      I don't really have things to tell you for today, because I already know that there's no one out there reading my posts. And meanwhile, me, right here, is typing all these words to no one AT ALL! And I keep updating TWoM, and it IS still existing! What the hell is wrong in this world?!
      When I woke up in the morning, it was half past eight because my damn crappy stupid nose was blocked and I couldn't breathe properly. Oh god, why the hell did that even happen!? I got my nose damn running since yesterday - probably because I enjoyed it too much and the devil decided to ruin everything, NO THANKS to him. And when I got up from the bed, the end of my eyebrows (the forehead underneath the eyebrows) really freakin' hurts like hell itself! And so, I am REALLY infuriated right now, typing down these words, because you don't really give a damn! Who are you, anyway? Whenever I tell you to comment to see if someone's looking at my posts, no one comments! Why the hell would I even care if I have 2050 pageviews?! WHY THE HELL WOULD I? And my nose is still running until now, which is so USELESS to my life, and I gotta blow really hard when I'm mad that I have it.
      I mean, come on, I thought I already escaped from having a damn runny nose, damn it! Why is my life supposed to be like this, meanwhile you're enjoying yours? This is so effin unfair!
      Look at my face: it has everything. Pimples, moles, freckles, and the freakin' marks that I got when I had the effin chickenpox this year!
      Look at my upper body: it's the worst of the worst of the worst, HAVE MERCY ON ME.I'm flat-chested. My body also has lots of the marks that I got of the stupid chickenpox. Also, on my upper arms, are the helpless effin stupid Keratosis Pilaris bumps! It really costs money just to CURE all of them! Well, 40% people have that on them. Why the F me, be ONE OF THEM?! And you're there, laughing your head off, because your skin is flawless, and you're not even doing great things that involves it! I wanna cosplay man, but damn it, everyone keeps making fun of me and looking down at me like sheet! F man.
      Look at my lower body. My fricking legs has Keratosis Pilaris as well, and you can effin see them quite clearly! That's why I NEVER wanted to wear short pants/skirts. I have the most Embarrassing Body on the land of Earth. (Hey, maybe I should be in the Embrassing Body show on TV? Oh, bed sheet.) And that's why I never wanted to swim because you'll see them when I'm wearing togs/swimsuit/bathing suit. And I never brought my P.E gear to school because you need to wear a T-shirt and shorts. You do get it, right? You'll see the bed sheets.
Anyway, I think I already gave you your lesson. And it's gonna be December 18 tomorrow. You think the world's gonna end on the 21st? I don't think so. WE CAN'T FREAKIN' PREDICT. Got it? Good.

Posted 3 days ago by Katrina Mae

Katrina (JTLYK) is me: :iconcielouisephantomhive: ~CieLouiSePhantomHive
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